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Haven’t we all encountered that woman who makes every head turn when she walks into a room?

  • Her Style? Immaculate
  • Her clothes fit perfectly, as though they were made for her.
  • Her outfit shows off her body beautifully – without being too much, of course.

Every detail of her outfit looks expensive… Sophisticated… Chic…
Just so incredibly put together.

You can’t help but wonder: where does she find these clothes, how does she select them and why does she simply look better than everyone else?

The answer is simple:

She has perfected her own style.

You might look at the elegantly dressed women around you and form two (commonly-held) opinions:

Style is something you’re born with…
Or style can only be achieved through a stylist
or expert

What if I told you that neither of these statements were true?

What if transforming yourself into the woman you’ve always wanted to become was actually pretty straight forward?

Imagine if all these flawlessly styled women were just following one simple formula.

Wouldn’t that be so great?

Well, guess what…

Ladies, these women were not born with style, and most of them have never met a stylist or fashion consultant in their life.

What they are doing is following a little-known yet fool-proof elegant style formula that saves them time, money and effort.

But what does that mean for you?

It means that even if you…

  • Are overwhelmed every time you go shopping
  • Don’t know which colours or styles suit you
  • Don’t know how to dress for your body type
  • Don’t have access to stylists or image consultants
  • Are on a tight shopping budget

You can learn how to completely transform your image with ease and go from a Plain Jane to a Style Icon

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Anna Bey Before Transformation


When I transformed my image and elevated all my wardrobe, I thought I knew it all

It was only when I enrolled in an image and colour consulting course in London, and became a certified image consultant, that I realised I didn’t truly know what the right look was really for me after all.

By now, you’re probably thinking about your wardrobe and all the timelessly elegant pieces you think you own.

Surely, there are classic, elegant pieces that definitely belong in every woman’s capsular wardrobe.

Anna Bey Before And After

Which brings me to a story that is difficult for me to tell.

It’s a little bit embarrassing actually!

A classic, boxy Chanel jacket was what I wore on the first day of my image and colour consulting course. What better look to wear than one worn by just about every regal, elegant woman you can think of? After all, you can’t go wrong with Coco Chanel, right?

When class started, I was instantly singled out as an example for poor styling.

Yes ladies, I had totally missed the mark.
My beautiful Chanel jacket was too boxy for my hourglass shape, and made me look bigger, bulkier and heavier than I actually am. I’ve since gotten rid of that jacket, and focus on tailored clothing that shows off my waist.

The truth is

That it doesn’t matter how many items you buy, or how expensive they are.

By now, you’re probably thinking about your wardrobe and all the “timelessly elegant” pieces you think you own that have never felt quite right.

Surely, there are classic, elegant pieces that definitely belong in every woman’s capsular wardrobe.

When you don’t understand that tried-and-trusted style formula, you’ll continue to waste time, effort and money on buying the same incorrect garments over and over again.

Another Truth

Eighty percent of a woman’s closet goes totally unused.

Enough is enough. Stop wasting money on clothes you’ll never wear, that are ill-fitting, not really your style, hard to match with your other pieces, don’t fit your life: they were never really meant for you in the first place.

It’s finally time to stop feeling overwhelmed when you walk into a store, or log on to a website, and sift through hundreds of styles and colours just to end up looking totally mediocre.

Dress like the woman you’ve always wanted to become. And I can help you….

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As a result of my formal study and 15 years of trial and error, I’ve discovered that …

The secrets to transforming your image are simple…


Learn the formula on how to identify “yes” and “no” garments. Find the right style, cut, colour and finishing suitable for your complexion, body type and budget. The power of discernment will transform your wardrobe.


Learn the exact techniques on how to categorize your wardrobe essentials to streamline your shopping process and curate an elegant wardrobe with ease.


Apply those industry-exclusive styling secrets that perfectly finish off your chic image.

Once you learn how to transform your style, create and project your dream image, you’ll find yourself attracting opportunities, experiences and people you never thought you would before!

How would you feel if you suddenly found yourself…

  • Experiencing greater career and business success.
  • Getting the right, and desired, attention from those around you.
  • Being able to communicate that you’re an elegant woman without saying a word
  • Effortlessly fitting (and thriving) in any social circle or situation.

Whether you feel like a beginner or perhaps more experienced in your styling journey, it doesn’t matter.

You may feel like you don’t…
  • Have the ability to decisively make style choices
  • Have the “right” body type (this is big misconception!)
  • Have enough financial resources
  • Have the right mindset to transform your
    physical image

If that’s how you feel, that’s totally fine!


That any woman can learn how to transform her style and achieve an image of refined elegance.

But transforming into the woman you’ve always envisioned yourself as definitely isn’t going to happen instantly. And curating that perfect wardrobe for your unique personal style is challenging for most ladies.

Don’t worry, it’s all part of the process. Rome wasn’t built in a day. We all start out by putting one Manolo Blahnik in front of the other.

You’ll be surprised by where slow and steady progress can take you. You may have not been finding it a smooth journey, but success always lies on the other side of discomfort.

While you’re transforming your image,
you may…

  • Explore styles and silhouettes you thought you never would before
  • Adopt a colour palette that’s totally outside anything you’ve worn before.
  • Get rid of your favourite, most-loved shoes, handbags, accessories and garments. Out with the old, in with the new (and improved!)
  • Adopt a more confident energy as you capture everyone’s attention when you walk into a room and leave a lasting impression on just about everyone you meet.

(Spoiler alert: you’ll also look better than you ever have before!)

Every step you take on your journey is one step closer to your goals. Would you rather stay at 0, or slowly inch your way toward achieving your dream image?

I’ve gone through this process the hard way.

But you don’t have to.

I grew up by a farm in Sweden without the slightest clue about anything fashion related, let alone elegant dressing! When I moved to Italy, one of the most fashionable countries in the world, my style had only evolved a little bit. But it was better than how I’d started out: clueless!

From big rhinestone earrings to fake Versace spandex dresses, you could spot me wearing the tackiest, most ill-fitting clothes made from the cheapest fabrics out there.

I was never dressed appropriately, simply because I never knew how to dress appropriately.

I didn’t know what cuts, colours, styles or finishing details to look out for. I never knew what to prioritise in my “wardrobe wishlist”, and ended up wasting hundreds, even thousands, of dollars on the wrong clothing for years.

I started by taking inspiration from the elegant women around me, and learning through trial and error. But that was a long process, and it was my official image and colour certification as well as my enrolment in an elite Swiss finishing school that truly equipped me with the styling skills I have today.

I don’t want you to take as long as I did. I want you to learn exactly what is necessary to fulfil your full, feminine potential.

What other ladies say…

Thousands of women have use this exact formula to make you and everyone else think, “how does she look that good?”. These are the results that my students have experienced, as well as myself first-hand.

Like Kimberly, who upgraded her style from a casual athleisure look to pure elegance:

“I just didn’t have the know-how, how to navigate certain situations. And I changed. I’m into fashion. It helps, it helps a lot. There were things that I thought were okay before that I didn’t really realize.”

Or Amanda, whose style transformation changed the course of her life.

“It was very interesting to see how things started turning around. I started having doors opened up for me at work and in my personal life as well. And of course my husband liked it. One day when I was dressed up, I actually bumped into someone I wasn’t expecting that led into a lot of different new opportunities for me.”

Or Brianna, who continues to work on her elegant image today.

“This course has made me become a more refined woman; in the sense of etiquette, cultivating more awareness, colour theory and style. Today I am in the best position I’ve ever been in my life – I have an even higher end centre I work at, I’ve continued to further my education and personal development and I continue to grow.”

Or Heather, who shared,

“Self-transformation is a fascinating, difficult, exhilarating, never-ending process. Every penny we invest in ourselves goes straight to the foundation of what we are and how deeply we believe in ourselves. Anna offers us gifts from herself that can help us find our own paths. This is the gift of confidence!”

Amanda, Brianna and Heather are just like you, except they decided to take that extra step to reach their full physical potential. Just like them, you deserve to look and feel your best every single day.

It doesn’t end there. When you elevate your look and finally understand how to make fashion work for you, you will…

  • Save time, money and effort while shopping and invest in clothing that will last you a life-time…
  • Overcome the overwhelm of shopping in-person and online…
  • Project your best image to employers and business contacts, positioning yourself to achieve even greater professional success…
  • Attract high-value friends into your life, (and finally get the right attention from men…)

The reality is…

That appearances still do count, and all people form impressions within seconds of meeting you. It’s just human nature.

And even if we may not like it, your personal brand outlines your future. But your brand can become elevated! And with the right education and guidance, you can achieve this transformation in a matter of months.

My lengthy style transformation transported me from my simple life in Sweden to finally living out my dreams. Thanks to my physical transformation, I’ve been able to travel and socialise in some of the most elite circles around the world with total ease and confidence. Why? Because I look the part, and feel the part.

My elegant image has given me the confidence to grow my business, and make a powerful impression on people in my professional network. Without it, I wouldn’t have over 1 million followers on YouTube, or be married to the love of my life who I only met after my style upgrade.

You see ladies, clothes are a lot more powerful than you think. Your presence can be such an undeniable asset.

But when you don’t understand the insiders’ styling secrets, it’s nearly impossible to truly look like the best version of yourself.

Which is why I’m pleased to introduce my secret method for you to become absolutely exceptional at creating the most polished, the most chic “you”…

No matter what your personal style…
No matter what you need to dress for…
No matter what your budget…
Every. Single. Time.

Ladies, it’s here…

Learn how to master your uniquely elegant style… With zero mistakes. Save time, money, and closet frustration!

I am so excited to introduce my fool-proof, exclusive formula that I use to make my style statement every day! Ladies, this is the formula you all wish you were taught as children. (At least I did .)

This course will help you navigate fashion like a true pro, and master your own perfect style statement!

The Elegant Stylist is the ultimate style formula and strategy, and uses all the advantages and little-known styling cues that the most fabulous and famous women (and their stylists!) use.

Because I’ve both achieved a certification in image consulting and a diploma in International Etiquette and Diplomacy, I have been able to combine the best of elegant style and that unspoken “elite chic” to create, and trademark, this guaranteed-effective formula for elegant dressing.

All the insider stylist secrets you’ve always wanted to know are finally available to you, from A to Z.

You’ll be able to achieve the physical wardrobing transformation you’ve always wanted, and much, much quicker than I did.


You’ll never buy anything you’ll never wear again.

Think about the thousands and thousands of dollars that have gone right down the drain throughout all the years you’ve failed to find the styles, colours and fits that work for you.

You can finally access the fashion education every woman deserves, and never waste money again. This course is the basis of every capsule and expansion wardrobe, and ultimate investment piece.

Fashion courses have been around for years, preaching the same, boring and over-used principles.

With these outdated styling rules, everyone ends up looking the same and the outcome is totally average. Modern elegance is NOT one-size fits all!

You may have heard me share little tips about how to achieve an elegant look for years on my YouTube channel – but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The truth is that there’s just too much to unpack, which is why I’ve made it easy for you. Because I believe every woman out there deserves to look and feel like a million dollars, but she doesn’t need to spend a million dollars.

And really, Don’t you want to make dressing like the woman you want to be simple? Guess what? It is! In fact, the whole process can be broken down into 3 simple steps.


Be able to identify the right type of items suitable for your personal elegant style, complexion, body type and budget.


Learn exactly what looks you need to acquire, and get rid of, in order to curate the ultimate elegant wardrobe for your personal lifestyle.

And then?

You apply the styling secrets that have previously only been accessible to industry-insiders, like stylists and fashion editors

The good news?

I can help you master this simply and easily!

When you complete this 5-module (plus bonuses!) 46-lesson course, you’ll be able to..

  • Shop effortlessly and with ease for clothes, you’ll actually wear.
  • Understand how to dress for your body shape and unique personal style in your best colors
  • Maximize your spending by investing in timeless garments that you’ll be able to wear over and over again.
  • Look, dress and live like the elegant woman you truly are!

Here’s everything I share in The Elegant Stylist ™…

Becoming Stylish
  • The Secrets to Style
  • How to curate your style
  • Styling traps
Spend Smart
  • PPW™ Method Explained
  • Investment Strategies
  • Money traps
 Inspect Like A Pro
  • Flattering color & prints
  • Quality fabrics & buttons
  • Details that tell…
Strategic Styling
  • Understand your silhouette
  • How to enhance & conceal
  • Shaping your silhouette
Adding “SPICE”
  • The Energy Edit™
  • The “Special Ingredient” in style
  • SPICE Strategy™

When you enroll in The Elegant Stylist ™

You’ll not only save money and time on your clothing and accessories purchases, but you’ll learn to make the best wardrobe decisions QUICKLY to save your precious time for other things!

After you complete The Elegant Stylist, your life will change…
  • You’ll enjoy more great looks from fewer pieces
  • No more time-draining mornings figuring out what to wear
  • Accessories now enhance your style in a thoughtful yet impactful way

Won’t it be wonderful to FINALLY feel fantastic in EVERYTHING you put on?

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If you’re wondering who this course is for…

It is for you if…

  • You’re ready to truly complete your style transformation, and reach your full physical potential.
  • You’re done wasting time, money and effort on making the same styling mistakes over and over again.
  • You want me to help you explore a new sense of fashion, learn hidden styling secrets and achieve an elegant image once and for all.

It is NOT for you if…

  • You don’t want to put in the time, effort and work it takes to evolve your image and achieve your goals. Success doesn’t always happen on the first try!
  • You aren’t open to change, and prefer talking about your dreams rather than taking actionable steps towards them.
  • You don’t want to take accountability for your actions, and hold yourself responsible on your journey of self-transformation.

Ladies, I’ve poured everything I absolutely could into this program.

My style failures, setbacks, and professional training have all contributed to the nearly creation of The Elegant Stylist so that you can have an accelerated journey to success.

Elegance, style, sophistication. Wouldn’t you love to have that?

Well, those are all just a few high-heeled steps around the corner.

But that choice is up to you.

You can try to evolve your style on your own, or better yet put the whole process on pause. When I did that, it took me 15 whole years to stop throwing money down the drain and start wearing clothes that actually made me look like a million dollars.


You can allow me to help you look like the woman you’ve always wanted to become. The Elegant Stylist covers every core aspect of style transformation.

You can start becoming, looking, and living like that woman who makes every head turn when she walks into a room.

When you apply the principles from The Elegant Stylist, you will see positive improvements in your style much faster than you even believe!

But ladies, I have extra bonus gifts for you…

Bonus #1

The Elegant Capsule Collection

What items an elegant & feminine lady must own

Bonus #2

Color Theory in depth + Palettes

Find out your dominant color & dress accordingly

Bonus #3

Anna’s Secret Shopping Strategy

Revealing how I find my “hidden gems” and save loads of money

Bonus #4

Anna’s 2022 Updated Brands List

All the brands that I recommend! Many small, unknown mid-range brands to keep an eye for

Bonus #5

Clothing Lines Directory

What kind of clothes should you wear for your body?

Bonus #6


Many mood boards with outfit inspirations & recommendations