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These are the results that my students have experienced, as well as myself first-hand.

“The results I’ve achieved so far is that I’ve been able to use Anna’s template to more accurately assess my look and my lifestyle to determine what areas have been holding me back in achieving the type of life that I would like to have, the type of a partner that I would like to attract.”

— Sally, Canada

“I would recommend it to my girlfriends just to kind of give them insight into a life that I know that they kind of fantasizing about and feel like it’s out of their reach, but really it isn’t.”

— Elle, USA

“As I listened to Anna, what resonated with me was that she had a bigger message, which was about the secrets to success and how to be a self-disciplined person.”

— Suzanne Cruz, USA

Product Details


Module 1:

Becoming Stylish

  • The Secrets to Style
  • How to curate your style
  • Styling Traps


Module 2:

Spending Smart

  • PPW™ Method Explained
  • Investment Strategy
  • Money traps


Module 3:

Inspect Like A Pro

  • Flattering color & prints
  • Quality fabrics & buttons
  • Details that tell…


Module 4:

Strategic Styling

  • Understand your silhouette
  • How to enhance & conceal
  • Shaping your silhouette


Module 5:

Adding “SPICE”

  • The Energy Edit™
  • The “Special Ingredient” in style
  • SPICE Strategy™

The Elegant Stylist Bonuses

Bonus #1

The Elegant Capsule Collection

What items an elegant & feminine lady must own

Bonus #2

Color Theory in depth + Palettes

Find out your dominant color & dress accordingly

Bonus #3

Anna’s Secret Shopping Strategy

Revealing how I find my “hidden gems” and save loads of money

Bonus #4

Anna’s 2022 Updated Brands List

All the brands that I recommend! Many small, unknown mid-range brands to keep an eye for

Bonus #5

Clothing Lines Directory

What kind of clothes should you wear for your body?

Bonus #6


Many mood boards with outfit inspirations & recommendations

Bonus #7

The A-List

PLUS, a bonus that I have NEVER offered before in any of my courses, The A-List with access to the exclusive VIP Lounge where you can spend time with other Elegant Stylists!